Novorossiysk Terminal

Novorossiysk Oil Terminal

Europe capital holding BV terminal was established here in 2018. We have consolidated 6 largest stevedore and port service companies. Our oil terminal in Novorossiysk operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars and sea tankers, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers, as well as provides bunkers to the ships in the ports of Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and other ports of the black sea.

The main fields of Europe capital holding BV Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port activity:

Provide a wide range of stevedore services including transshipment of crude oil, oil products and other liquid cargoes, dry bulk cargoes and general cargoes.
Operate the high-speed complex for shipment of liquid cargoes including oil products and liquid fertilizers.
Europe capital holding BV Novorossiysk port provides transshipment and storage services for container cargoes, timber and other general cargoes.
Europe capital holding BV Novorossiysk Grain Terminal is the high-speed terminal specialized in transshipment and storage of grain cargoes. The capacity of this terminal makes it possible to handle up to 4 million tons of cargoes annually.
Europe capital holding BV Novorossiysk Ship-Repair Yard provides ship-repairing services as well as effects shipment of ferrous metal products, nonferrous metal products and metal scrap.
Europe capital holding BV Fleet at Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port provides tug, towing and mooring services for vessels as well as emergency, hazardous materials response and waste management service at the port.