Vladivostok Terminal

Vladivostok Oil Terminal

Our oil terminal provides bunkers to the ships in the port of Vladivostok and other ports in the region. The plant was developed for the special purpose of loading/unloading of commercial oil and gas to China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

The Company oil-processing plant in Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port has the capacity of processing 214,719 tonnes of oil per month. The plant was developed for the special purpose of marine fuel production which is used for the bunkering of vessels in the ports of the Far East of Russia Region and also in the fishing industry in the areas. Part of the fuel is also exported, this plant was among the first dedicated bunkering fuel production facility in Russia and CIS.

In 2020 Europe capital holding BV commissioned Vanino the second stage of its own oil-processing plant which has increase the total capacity of the plant by half of it initial capacity per year for the production of high quality oil products, such as, straight-run gasoline, jet fuel, low viscosity marine fuel, black fuel, and diesel oil Euro 4-5.

We are the first in the Far East region to develop, construct and put into operation the new technology for discharging of high viscosity fuel oils from the railway tank-cars.